PBLC TRDE is a menswear multi line showroom focused on building high-end client relations and sales services for emerging menswear brands. 

Founded in 2009 as Indigo Showroom, Laura Baker has formed a partnership with Townes creative brand agency to form PBLC TRDE NY. Their expertise, combined with a team of amazing brand managers that live and breathe wholesale, retail and merchandising, means the showroom is stronger than ever. And it means our clients benefit more than ever too. Creative and strategic partnerships bring together experts in sales, aesthetic, communications and market culture — always with an eye on strong revenue growth and meeting our clients’ needs. 

PBLC TRDE is recognized by retailers globally for our ability to find viable, exciting, niche brands that aren’t over-saturated in the market, and we’re breaking new ground with the most talented, emerging brands we can find.

The result is to maintain brand integrity, ensure sales growth from a solid foundation to a strong market presence.


Maximizing our strong industry connections and global network, we position brands and industry professionals ranging from wholesale to public relations. We make sure all of our clients are positioned to have a strong voice in the fashion community and culture. We build brand recognition, generate press, and secure the ideal assortment of retailers — creating an annual strategy for all areas of the brand’s development and a pathway to overall success. Consulting services are focused in the areas of public relations, brand development, wholesale and events. 

Laura Baker & Townes have extensive experiences in sales, branding and public relations (men’s and women’s). Both entrepreneurs who have built established agencies in NY and LA, Townes and Laura found friendship in their shared commitment to develop brands and give them the tools and resources they need to be successful They don’t just advise their clients. They put their personal and professional network and resources to work for their clients, and they’re involved in every step of the process. Their mission is to give brands invaluable expertise at an affordable cost, ensuring that every brand they work with reaches their immediate and long-term goals.